2012-06-sched-pana2 285 - CopiaLocated on the highest hills of Monferrato of Casale, Villadeati village offers a landscape that encompasses the entire arc of the Western Alps and extends itself towards the north-east to the Po Valley and the mountains of Switzerland and Lombardo-Veneto. The village, with its Castle, overlooks the surrounding hills rich in forests and crops, wild and impervious, but at the same time pleasant.

In the vast ridge of the hill of S. Lorenzo (470 m above sea level), entirely covered by forest as well as numerous springs, the Association “Madreselva” (which aims at the improvement and enhancement of the territory) has identified a hiking trail, easily accessible, which allows you to enter the deep of the forest and enjoy the charm, the silence, the vast landscapes as well as the affluent blooms and their perfumes.

Throughout the route there are educational panels that illustrate aspects of landscape and scenic spots and describe the flora and fauna of each path section.

Upon completion of this first track that runs through the woods, a new route has been traced (Hiking Trail of the Three Valleys) which is no less striking, descending to the valley from the hill, through 17km of meadows and cultivated fields and is accessible by foot, horse-back or bicycle.